Hey, I’m ready to help you!

Hey, I’m ready to help you!

Yogiraj Astrologer

AUTHENTIC PSYCHIC Revealed facts about relations

Contact me for Relationships, Business, Health, Crime, Mysteries & past life etc. I will help using powerful and age old methods. YOGI is here to serve YOU.

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About Me


Contact me for 100% Accurate Answers regarding Relationships, questions or problems. I use powerful & age old methods. YOGI is here to serve U for your choice of Love.

I was born into a family of gifted Pundits - M. Com - Energy Healer - Doctor of Lal Kitab - Jyotish Aacharya - Aacharya in Medical Astrology - Vaastu Shastri - Gold Medalist - Diamond Medalist - No. 1 in Vedic Astrology - INDIA

I ask that you take a moment to breath and be ready for a reading that is from the Divine. I ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to hear the truth. Please do not contact me for a two minute read. I pride myself on providing in-depth and informative reads to my clients. This cannot be accomplished in two minutes. This may seem harsh, however it's all in effort to provide my clients with the best service I can.

My reads are extremely accurate and very to the point. Please do not come to be unless you are completely prepared for the truth, which can sometimes be what you do not wish to be true, then please, seek assistance elsewhere.

In Live Chat reading I first need yours and mine guides to get connected. For this I will ask for names of all the persons in your question, sometimes date of birth’s too for my guides to focus on to the situation. I also ask you to give me your questions or area for me to see on.

Once I am having only this information, I will ask you to give me a moment to focus in silence so that I can connect to my guide. As I am connecting to my guide, I will not be able to answer any of your questions at that time such as “are you there? Etc…”

I will then precisely try to prove the connection, or if I ask to hire, that means I am connected with you and the answers to your questions without any doubts which will be truth and of Spirit. You may not like it sometimes but I will tell you clear and Spirit directed messages that are of the past, present and the future.

If you desire, you can ask me to share with you any spiritual work that I can offer you to assist you in your life, for questions relating love, career and other life issues.

I am here to solve your problems and help you out. I established Astrological Center 1987. This Astrological center is the leader for the last many years

I'm a caring and gifted spiritually-centered psychic reader and natural intuitionist. Await your chat session to help you in whatever is on your mind. Ever lie down and try to go to sleep and you can't? Unable to fall asleep because your mind is racing in each direction trying to find a answer? Let me help calm the mind and give you the answers you need. Find out about: Your career, family, loved ones and friends, your relationships' path and how to avoid "bumps in the road."

I look forward to reading for you only with Truth. NO FALSE HOPES.

Pt. Yogiraj Ji

Specializing In: English
Language: Spanish, German, French,

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    AUTHENTIC PSYCHIC Revealed facts about relations

    Contact me for Relationships, Business, Health, Crime, Mysteries & past life etc. I will help using powerful and age old methods. YOGI is here to serve YOU.



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